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Taking economics at Wesleyan offered me flexibility while grounding me in math, business fundamentals, and a knowledge of the micro and macroeconomy. So, I’m happy with what I chose during undergrad.

However, looking back, a better choice would have been to major in Computer Science.

Here’s what a CS degree offers you: math reasoning, an understanding of hardware/software, which is what the modern world runs on, and an engineering and automation mindset. Also, because of low overhead and high scalability potential, it is possible to create something impactful society-wise while monetizing it.

So, dear reader, pick CS if you are STEM-minded and an undecided college student. Or, if you are at least interested in the subject – take a few introductory CS classes and go to related events.

Oh yeah. Events are huge. Go to hackathons or in-person clubs. You’ll feel the energy of people immediately. So many people in tech are intelligent, humble, and passionate. And if you interact with them, their passion may also rub off on you and open the door to a field you will enjoy.

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