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On definitions and abstractions

TLDR: While it is a good exercise, you don’t have to do/understand everything from first principles to accomplish useful things. Instead, you either use the abstraction out of the box or learn just enough about it to use it effectively instead of drilling down to its...

Learning Python from Scratch

I started learning to code. I will not focus on the whys on this post, rather on the hows. I will be documenting how I started, what I’ve been using, where I stand right now, and where I think I am headed. This will be useful if you want to start learning to code or...
“Salt. Water. Butter. An essay on learning.”

“Salt. Water. Butter. An essay on learning.”

Back in high school, my dad used to cook for me a simple dish called “hrisca”. There was nothing to it, it only required a few steps. It was almost robotic. But he always did it perfectly. I could never get enough of it. There were weeks when I was asking...

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