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I’m not exaggerating. Ok, maybe a little bit. But seriously, the Pleco dictionary app has made my time learning Chinese way easier. That’s because it is:


It literally has any word that you can think of. Even the more obscure slang/swear words. It’s as if you took a Chinese version of the Urban Dictionary and you mixed it together with an official version. I’ve even seen a Chinese friend use it, but in reverse. Google Translate needs to catch up.

Easy to use

Time is the most important asset when you’re learning a new language. Especially if it’s ideographic (using symbols to represent words). Back in the day, people had to browse awkward paperback dictionaries. It was a pain in the rear. With Pleco, if you don’t know what a character means, you can just look it up by drawing it. If you only know how to pronounce the word, use voice. You can get your translation in a matter of seconds.

Moral Support


Most of the words come with sentences in which they are used. This provides context for new words. The best way to memorize vocabulary is to contextualize it. It’s also way more fun. Trying to memorize individual words with no context is like repeatedly beating your head against the wall. A lot of headaches, no progress.


‘Nuff said.

The bottom line is Pleco has consistently come to my rescue. To learn such a tremendous language, however, you have to use other resources as well. I’ll talk about them some in a future article. What else would you want me to write about? Hit the comment box below!


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