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In the heart of Moldova, the recent startup-related event organized by Startup Grind x Dreamups x Mosaic brought together aspiring entrepreneurs, seasoned investors, and industry experts. Here, we delve into key takeaways and insights shared during the event that shed light on startups and angel investing. The final section will also offer some insights I got while networking after the presentation.

Disclaimer: The personal thoughts and notes shared are based on my perspective and understanding and are not necessarily reflective of the event organizers or participants.

? Fireside Presentation Takeaways ?:

1. The Moldovan Advantage: In Moldova, startups enjoy a longer runway for growth and benefit from talent arbitrage. This creates a unique environment for investors looking to support promising ventures.

2. What Investors Look For: Investors keenly observe the channels of acquisition a startup employs. They also focus on a dedicated team. The commitment of the team is a crucial factor. They also evaluate the founder’s qualities, emphasizing the ability to scale both the team and the product, as well as the capacity to delegate responsibilities effectively.

3. Bloomcoding: A notable highlight I caught from the Startup Grind event was the success story of Bloomcoding, a Moldovan startup that exemplified the strategic art of scalability. Bloomcoding demonstrated that the key to its success lay in expanding beyond its native Moldovan market. By recognizing the potential for scalability, the startup strategically ventured into new territories, showcasing the importance of a global mindset. This made them interesting to investors, and it validated the scalability of the product.

4. Pitching Strategies: When pitching to investors, the importance of a concise and impactful presentation cannot be overstated. A successful pitch should include three key slides:

Slide 1: Highlight a critical problem that needs an urgent solution.

Slide 2: Showcase your solution with before-and-after scenarios.

Slide 3: Explain why your startup stands out – focus on acquisition channels, uniqueness, and any advantages that set you apart.

5. The Power of Multiple Angel Investors: Consider opting for five small angel investors over one large investor. Diversifying your investor base not only spreads risk but also brings in a variety of expertise and networks.

6. AI’s Future Landscape: The near-future AI landscape is seen as a platform on which various layers can be built. Startups are encouraged to consider AI as a foundation, akin to how Uber built a layer on top of the iPhone.

7. Emerging Trends in Moldova: Keep an eye on evolving trends in Moldova, such as the rise of equity crowdfunding and the potential establishment of the first venture capital firm—a distinct entity from private equity firms like Horizon Capital.

8. Smart capital: Smart capital is capital that extends beyond mere financial backing. It encompasses strategic support, mentorship, and industry expertise. Angel investors contributing smart capital actively engage in the startup’s journey, leveraging their knowledge and networks to aid in business development, strategic decision-making, and overall value creation. Startups should look for this kind of capital in a world full of competing products.

Networking Notes ??:
Post-event networking provided valuable insights to me. When positioning your startup, frame the problem as urgent and painful. For B2C startups, consider giveaways for email collection, create memorable campaigns, explore forums for top problems, and check out Product Hunt to see already validated products that you can improve.

To read ?:

1. “The Mom Test” for effective problem interviews.

2. “Five dysfunctions of a team” by Patrick Lencioni for leadership guidance


The Startup Grind event in Chisinau was a melting pot of ideas, strategies, and networking opportunities. As I reflect on the lessons learned, it’s clear that success in the startup world goes beyond funding—it involves smart capital, strategic pitching, and a keen understanding of emerging trends. Moldova’s startup ecosystem is on the rise, and the future holds exciting possibilities.

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